Weight Paint Mode Issue: weight paint will not spray


This is my first post here; please be gentle :smiley: I did do a search on the forum, as well as checked the wiki, and youtube for the issue I’m having and it didn’t yield anything helpful.

I created a model in blender/assigned armature and want to adjust the autoweight applied to several of my regions. The armature works and will move the mesh, but moves a few unwanted vertices. When i get into weight paint mode, i can select vertex groups, but when I use the left click to subtract, multiply, add, etc, nothing on the model changes. I can see the paint that was automatically applied to the vertex, but nothing further is added. I’ve tried changing brush strength, weight, type, etc. and still have had no luck.

Any ideas why it is not letting me paint on the model?

I’m using blender 2.64 on win 7.



can you post something, so we can see what could be wrong? a pic/.blend file…
just clicking on “add”, “multiply”, etc does nothing.

can you paint any vertex alone? switch to vertex paint mode, choose a brush, and click any vertex. does it work?