Weight Paint mode - Vertex Weights not available in Vertex Paint mode

Manual mentions that vertex weights [edit: in N panel] are available in both edit mode and weight paint mode.

However, I can replicate this condition only like this:

  • First going into edit mode, selecting vertex
  • Go into weight paint mode
  • Activate Vertex Selection Masking (like manual mention)

What happens: I can see Vertex Weights list in N panel but if I select any other vertex instead of one selected in edit mode, Vertex Weights drawer won’t be shown.

Is this how this should work?

No problem working here

Do the vertices you select have any weighting so they are part of a vertex group. If the vertex is not part of a vertex group then there is nothing to show when you select it so you won’t see the vertex weights panel

Vertices are definitely weighted, I tested this with cylinder, weighted to 2 bones. If I do the selection in edit mode, go to weight paint mode, I see Vertex Weights panel/drawer in N panel, but the moment I deselect verts, Vertex Weights vanish, and selecting new verts using using C, B or lasso select won’t bring up Vertex Weights. Only by going back to edit mode to select a vertex, and then re-entering weight paint mode I can see Vertex Weights panel.

I’m using 2.74