Weight Paint Mode

Hey guys, I am trying to use weight paint mode to weight my bones to my mesh. I had to use the mask modifier to weight part of it, because it was hidden underneath my mesh. So, I would paint on my mesh, and it would disappear because of the mask modifier. However, it has left a bunch of edges, which show up when I move the bone because they stay in place, but don’t show up in the mask modifier/weight paint mode because they have no surface area. (only a straight lines…) I can’t see them in weight paint with no mask modifier because they are hidden under the mesh. Sooo, I can’t un-wieght them… Any help?

here are some pics:

In Object mode with inverted mask modifier on the head bone:

In wieght paint mode with inverted mask modifier on the head bone:

When I try to turn the head with the head bone:

Select your Mesh (the Head in this case) > Tab into edit mode > Hit ‘A’ a couple of times to make sure nothing is selected… > then Bottom tool bar > Select > in the popup menu find “Loose Verts/Edges” > this should select all Edges that are connected to a Face > Hit ‘X’ > pick ‘Edges’ > all done…

Thank YOU!!!

good deal…