Weight paint on Enderman rig is...glitchy

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Okay, so I decided to model an Enderman (an enemy from the game Minecraft), and I think it looks pretty good. So I created an armature for the Enderman, selected the armature and the Enderman, and parented it with automatic weights. And then I went into Weight Paint, selected the Head’s weight, and added the correct weight. Then I find out that (even if I put all the weight I can on the head) the head gets distorted when I drag the head up, down, or rotate it left from right. Does anyone know the cause of this?

Enderman.blend (1.05 MB)


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The head object is not weighted 100% to the head bone (it is not all red in weight paint mode)

The head is also being influenced by other bones in the armature

Check and correct the weighting for all bones or just simply delete them and parent selected vertices to selected bones without the automatic weights

I don’t know what an ‘Enderman’ is but I’m sure its arms and legs aren’t hinged like you’ve set up its armature. You should swap the bone direction with Alt+F in edit mode

The head is also being influenced by other bones in the armature

Oh, that’s why it didn’t work! Thanks! As it turns out, it’s much easier to add weights to this dude in edit mode.

Just to let you know, the one I sent you was kinda different then the one I had, so that’s why some of the parts lacked weights. Whoops.