Weight Paint on Mirroring the Object

I have following problem. On mirroring characters hand on any axis, it makes weight paint almost invisible: instead of the blue base colour object turns black and instead of red painting it is hardly brown. What could be the reason for this?

On the new remodelling and re rigging Ctrl A solved this problem but…

On the moving hands they are “melting”. On the movement of the armature mesh follow it only partly and influences another hand as well. I am redoing this animation about 7 times. Weight paint shows clearly “red” in the areas I want to but it doesn’t work as it should.



Gnom4Anima007.blend (546 KB)

As time passed by I found one major problem and solution for it :slight_smile:
I found that at many of my riggs armature influences absolutely random parts of my mesh. I went through a lot of research and that what I found: even you paint out mesh in weightpaint mode you would not be able to see it when you remove it, but it would be still there. I thought that it was a good idea to use “from bones heat” when you parent mesh to bones since it creates vertices groups automatically. And that’s why you may find that moving one hand in rigg moves fingers of another hand. On one project I went through creation of three new bone sets deleting old ones but strange influence remained. So I would strongly recomend to create all groups manually. After I followed this method - no groups at parenting and then painting them in weightpaint mode - I had no problem with unexpected influence. Thanks for reading.