Weight-paint only in red or black (1 or 0)?

I am doing Pierrick’s Effective Rigging in Blender and have posted this question on the course Discord -

Does anyone know why I can only weight-paint values of red or black? (1 or 0)?

My example is that on the abdomen parts of this mannequin mesh, when I try to paint a value between 1 and 0 it only appears as either red or black, not as a yellow-green?

(screen grab below)

You using a pen tablet? If not turn off Pressure sensitivity…
Also …it might not have enough geometry also…you might reposition the bone to cover only the abdomen mesh area…
or share the file and I can get a better idea…

Thanks @RSEhlers

I’m not using a pen tablet.

I’ll try moving the bone.

The file is part of Pierric Picaut’s rigging course and the mesh weight painting seems to work fine in the videos. As the file is a part of his course I might not post it, and understand you might not be able to do much without it.

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Do you have normalize turned on?

Hey @stilltrying, no, someone else suggested that and showed the option in the Weight Paint / Tool / Options but it is not enabled for me.

I found the problem tho - it is a viewport shading issue -in Wireframe it displays correctly. And in the Viewport Shading dropdown menu I had Color: Material selected - if I change it to Color: Vertex it displays correctly

I don’t know if you supposed to be able to see both overlays at once? - if you are able to see the Vertex Weight gradient over the top of a material colour?

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Glad you got it. That’s crazy.

I was dying trying to figure this same exact thing out. Thanks!