Weight paint overview panel?


(ex) users of Softimage and Maya know what I’m going to ask, but is there a away to see the painted values on points after you assigned an envelope to the bones?
A spreadsheet like overview of all bones and the weights per points is very useful to force rogue points to behave. And sometimes it’s just a quicker way to assign weights to groups of points.

e.g. Softimage’s eight editor: http://docs.autodesk.com/SI/2015/ENU/#!/url=./files/weighted1.htm
e.g. Maya’s surprisingly familiar looking weight editor: http://help.autodesk.com/view/MAYAUL/2018/ENU/?guid=GUID-B698CC5D-2771-488E-98E8-2D4E31DB3B2D

Anything similar in Blender, even an addon?



Go to weight paint mode select a vertex and hit the N-key, what you are looking for is on the n-panel see here :point_down:

You can edit the vertex group value and assign. The screenshot is Blender 2.8, don’t worry it is on the same place in Blender 2.79 as well.


Nice one! I didn’t even know about that. Although this is more akin to weight tool box in Max than a full attribute spreadsheet. But honestly I always found those spreadsheet views to be kind of hard to read so this is great.

Nice, thanks for that!

A lot of functionality in Blender is packed in the sidepanel, I wouldn’t mind a bigger overview for this.
But this is great to ‘whip’ those unbehaving weights into place :wink: