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Blender 2.92 -

I have baked the weight paints. But my particles are emitting from entire painted segment instead of at the time is it painted. Searched for an answer for about 20mins and i can’t find the answer?

What have i forgotten?
I need the particles to emit from the weighted line drawn by the crashing ship.

Starter frame! Particles are emitted infront of the ship and where it comes to rest long before it arrives

Near end frame! Particles emit from total drawn area. Need to enable dissolve in dynamic paint to limit this

Any help greatly appreciated!

Didnt hyperlink first picture correctly.*

Two more showing more of the same. Dynamic paint dissolve turned on, canvas is baked, Particle cache cleared and rebaked problem still persisting.

In the 5 minutes since starting this post im closer to what i wanted but still having issues.

Using the VertexWeightProximity modifier! It update frames only when i change between vertex,line,face. I could animate this per frame and cycle the keyframes but there must be an easier way. Any help appreciated.

For anyone following up on this i have given up on using dynamic paint + particles. It seems they dont update frames between each other so i’ll be attempting to use geometry nodes instead. Will update whatever progress i make.

If anyone does have a workflow for getting dynamic paint+ particles please share as i still would like to learn it.

Solution found answer is mask modifier!

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Thanks for this solution!!! :raised_hands: