Weight paint problem

I’ve built the rig following Essential Blender for a character and have encountered a problem while weight painting. The lower leg bones have produced very strange results when painted - the mesh scrunches up and almost disappears (only happens on the lower leg bones). This problem appeared when I first assigned the armature to the mesh as a modifier.

ETA I did improve the situation a little by making sure that none of the controller bones had Deform turned on. There’s still a problem at the knee though, despite quite a bit of geometry there (3 loops at the knee plus loops further up and down the leg).


hey averil,

It looks to me like the orientation of your bones need to be applied. You can either go into edit mode and manually rotate the shin bone 180 degrees with “ctrl+r”, or in pose mode press “ctrl+a->Current Pose as Rest Pose”. That should work :yes:

YES!! Thank you very much. This problem was really getting me down after a days work on my model.