weight paint problem

i’m having a problem where the weights are entirely affecting my mesh, or not affecting it at all, i don’t really know how to describe it. like when the unaffected areas are blue, and the area that is affected 100% is red, and when its yellow or green its supposed to affect it 50% or something like that. but when any part of it is even slightly yellow or green, then it is affected 100%. that’s the best way i can describe it without screen caps, any help is appreciated. thanks!

Weighting is best described as a “tug of war” between two (or more) bones/linked objects.

Lets say you have a 3 bone armature. If you assign all the vertices to bone 1, bone 2 and 3 will have no effect on any of the mesh (this is assuming that bone 1 is the root, you can still move the mesh around by bending the parent of the child that has the mesh assigned to it). Basically the same thing as assigning all the vertices in a hand model to just the tip of a finger on the armature. Bending that one finger will influence the whole hand regardless of how “hot” the weight is.

To over simplify it, you don’t have any weight assigned to the other bone, so it doesn’t matter if you have less influence on that bone. Because there is no other weight to contest it. To correct this, assign vertices to the adjacent bone you want to deform that part of the mesh. Then adjust the heat to make a nicer deform.