Weight Paint question

Hi there,

im trying to weight paint a hoodie and wonder if i am missing something.
if you see the image,

when i paint on the outside surface of the hood (Area 1)
it doesnt affect the inner side of if (Area 2)

is there some way to get this right ?

if i just try to match the shade of green in the inside, its very tricky.

also it would get tricky in areas like #3, below the neck… where much geometry is just ouf of sight…

it would be awesome if anybody could direct me to a option or kind of workflow that helps me with that.

please dont mind the amount of weight here on this specific area… its only an example.


For applying a specific weight with a brush, the Lighten & Darken Tools are very useful. This might help you match weights on the inside & outside using Weight Painting. You can also assign weights manually in a couple of ways. The first uses the tools and options in the Mesh Data context where Vertex Groups are managed. The Select and Assign buttons let you set any set of selected vertices to the specified weight. It also places these vertices in the Vertex Group selected in the listing.

In the Properties panel of a 3D Window is another Vertex Group section, where the currently Active Vertex has its weight assignments listed. The Copy button will assign the Active vertex’s weights to all other selected vertices (the Active vertex is the one last-selected). This tool duplicates the weights for all vertex groups (and thus bones) associated with the Active vertex.

These last two methods are done in Edit Mode. In Weight Painting Mode, you can get access to hidden or difficult-to-reach areas and limit the painting to only certain areas using the masking tools and hiding unwanted faces while in Edit mode. When Masking is enabled, hidden faces vanish, and only selected faces can be painted to.

thanks chipmasque!

another thing does confuse me,…
when i try it with envelopes, these appear too big

is there something that lets me scale down the influences ?

[CTRL][ALT][S]… rescales the envelopes. That’s on my Linux setup, not sure if it’s different for Windows (e.g. ALT)

yay! thanks Lancer !!

What does the Darken brush do?

If you want to paint through the mesh, toggle “limit selection to visible” in the 3D view ribbon.

Can be irritating-- good to use in conjunction with vertex mode to limit selection.

Also useful is the smooth tool. You don’t have to get it just right, you can smooth it out afterwards.

Note that for this mesh, you’d be better of using an active solidify modifier than having the inside actually modelled. Weight painting a thin, two-sided mesh can be tricky, even with the things I’ve mentioned, and it’s far preferable to just weight one side and let the solidify modifier handle the other side.