weight paint trouble PLEASE HELP URGENT

Hello, o have been using blender for quite a bit now and I’m having trouble with a rig if you want to see it, here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXTTwU-XnBw&feature=channel_video_title.

well my problem is in the wing area there are a lot of vertices and i need to actually go inside of the wing to paint them i was wondering if i could just select all vertices in the wing and paint them. because other wise some vertices are left behind in the animating and make it look terrible. thank you for the help :DDD

I think you can . Only one bone in the wing? More then one I think it is not so easy. If you select the vertices and in vertex group you add new group and press assign and give this group the name of the bone you are done. It should pose now. ( the amatre and object still need to be parented )
Thats not really painting them.
If you have more then one bone i don’t know how you can get the weights blended.
I would try to place the wing on a right axis to the screen and box select with the occlude background geometry to make groups of blended weights. Id try it any way.