weight paint tutorial

can some one please get me a good weight paint tutorial (with subtitles plz coz i can’t use speakers on mine work place :frowning: )which can teach me completely about every single step of weight paint tips and tricks messing with weight paint from past week but still confused how to use it properly some time it work some time i just move weight paint brush here and their but it does nothing i have no idea wats wrong thnx in advance :evilgrin:

So far as I can find, nobody is doing tutorials with subtitles consistently. At least not in English :frowning: However, maybe you can do it with an earbud? Blender Sensei on Youtube is pretty good. There doesn’t seem to be any truly comprehensive tutorial, at least, not that you don’t have to pay for. Sorry I don’t have more help to offer. I’m still learning this stuff myself, but it sound like maybe you’re having trouble with handling your vertex groups? Once you’re in weight paint mode, check to make sure you’ve got the vertex group you want selected from the list. I find it often switches on me when I go into the mode, and I haven’t figured out why yet, but checking the list of vertex groups to see I have the right one seems to be the solution to most of my “What?” moments with weight painting. Good luck!