weight paint

Can I use a pressure sensitive pen with weight paint?
Also the brush size doesn’t work. I can see the cirlce but the actual “paint” radius is always the same and it’s small.


Weight paint affects single vertices, not faces. So, the bigger brush size let you paint on more vertices in the same time, than smaller brush.
ie, if you need to paint the bigger area of mesh, you use bigger brush, if you paint joints, where you need to paint concrete vertices, smaller brush is better.

I’m not awar of any tablet presure in the weight paint. Imho it isn’t necesarry.

I tried again.
When I paint with “all faces” on, I can only paint in a horizontal strip but the size of the brush works.When I rotate the view then, it paints not where the pointer is,
With “vertex dist” on I can paint everywhere but the size won’t work.
Why is the circle of the brush only visible with “vertex dist” or “all faces” on?

Somehow I also managed to paint everywhere by clicking and dragging the view earlier but then the brush size wont work anymore.

I have an Ati card.

i get pressure working on mine… maybe is just luck as so many things are…

When I stretch the Blender window too much, weight paint won’t work any more.