weight painter and deformation stuff

(Lord Taten) #1

ah ha i just rememberd sumthin that has ben bothering me for quite sum time now, okie here she goes.
I have tried using the weight painter and it will not just deform the polys 50% or wutever % i am trying to do, anywase it will show the colors of the deformation percent and stuff but when i go to posemode it will deform 100%. am i missing sumthing??. if you can help me i would be thankfull :frowning:

(hannibar) #2

Heh I just had the same problem yesterday! I wanted to ask it here too, but then I saw your post…

(theeth) #3

That’s because the weight painting percentage is a ratio only when more than one bones is deforming the vertex. Lets say, for example, vertex 1 is assign 35 % to bone 1 and 35 % to bone 2. That stills makes a 50 % deformation for each bone (35 / (35 + 35) = 50).

So, basicly, the real percentage of deformation is equal to the weight of the bone divided by the weight of all the bones affecting this vertex.


(Lord Taten) #4

So how could you make an arm that the deformation was 100% on the first joint and only 30 percent on the next and each bone was only attached to one part of the arm case in point: an arm that is 3 extrutions long and the first bone was attached to the first two parts and the secont bone was attached to the next two parts (i am sure that that example will make no sense to anyone but…)
Hmm this may all make sense when i am doin it in blender so…
But anywase thx fer the help i am bowt to try it out on a model of a guy (the problem was the deformation on his shoulder was making sum really BAD clippin and stuuf) and thx again man :smiley: