Weight Painting/Animating Deformation (ugggggggggh)

:mad::mad::mad: Pooey! Excuse my language, but i just cant get it.
Dumb elbows (knees, same thing) go crazy. is there a weight paint tut or sumpthin that would help this?

I solved this one time by placing a free bone with no parent in the inner elbow area. Then, I parented some of the elbow vertices to that bone, too. It worked because the vertices followed the elbow bone just as much as the arm bone.

If you add a couple of extra loops both above and below where the joint is and then add the verts in the new loop above the joint to the lower arm vertex group and then add the new loop below the joint to the upper arm vertex group you can essentially “blend” the difference and get better deformations at the joint . Additional weight painting tweaks can also help afterwards too, but you should remember painting weights don’t mean squat unless you have at least two bones “contesting” over the same vertices .

Turin’s advice is good too (you might want to do both) as it essentially does the same thing except with a third bone .

… And you know just because you are using animations for the GE doesn’t mean that you can’t post questions like this in the animation support section … or maybe even start searching there … I mean it is the same program mostly … Though I wonder if the new dual quaternion space/skinning will be available in the GE ? … Which BTW if you haven’t played with it yet (SVN build) will make problems like this go away forever …

I solved this problem of the joints with the following mesh configuration:

Here is the wheight paint config:

And here is the real-time rendered object:

It looks you are using both “Modifier Armature” and the old armature attachment. Another problem is that your character looks to have not much poligons.