Weight painting appears to work "digitally" with mesh deformation: 1/0 . Why?

I’m doing some modeling/rigging on a simple cardboard model. I’m quite new to rigging, althought I think I know the very fundamentals of it in Blender. However, I’ve hit a wall here:

Any idea why the lower weight painted areas bend exactly as much as the red big one, exactly following 1:1 the bone rotation? It’s as if weight painting has no effect other than 0/1 - disabled/enabled. 0.001 weight has the same effect as 1.000. Basically I want the blended area to bend gradually.

Maybe I am doing something wrong? (no doubt about that)

.blend file: [ATTACH]181100[/ATTACH]

You only have one bone in your file. Weight paint always adds up to 1, or 100%. So if you weight paint some verts to be weighted 50% to one bone, but there is no other bone that the verts are weighted to, then it’s weighted 100% to that bone. Add a 2nd bone where the bone at the base of the first bone, weight some of the verts to it and it will now blend more smoothly.


That was the problem. Thanks a lot!

(seeing it work correctly also made me change idea about this approach. It’s not working as I wished. But that’s another story)