Weight painting - auto normalize or not

I’ve done a little weight painting before, but recently I watched some tutorials and I was told to always check “Auto Normalize”, specifically if exporting into Unreal, Uinty, Godot or whatever (which I am).

This has made it increasingly difficult to paint, practically impossible, as I keep ending up with weight from bones I don’t want when removing weight from another.

I understand what normalizing does, my question is should I be using it? Or should I paint without it then just normalize all verts? I read somewhere (a forum post somewhere) that even if you don’t have normalized weights what you see in the viewport will be the result of them being normalized, not sure if true?


No, you dont have to keep Auto Normalize enabled, it is merely an utility feature which is useful in some specific cases. I am quite sure that the exporters which are used for game formats handle normalization for you. And you are right, Armature deformation always behaves like the weights were normalised

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Ok, thanks. That’s really useful because it was a nightmare lol.