Weight painting blender 2.5?

This is what happens when I try to weight paint the entire head. Some parts stay blue even if I paint over them. Any ideas why tha is :eek:

EDIT: Weird, I restarted blender and now I can weight paint again everywhere. Must be some kind of bug? Or am I missing something?

yes, that may be a bug.

do you remember the steps you did before weight paint didn’t work? you could try to reproduce it and file a bug report if you can.

just a suggestion

i just created a quick test, because of the suspicious symmetric shape of your weight maps. i created a cube, split it half, subdivided it some times in edit mode and applied a mirror modifier.

i couldn’t draw on all verts either (just one face in my case). i tried it on both sides without success. once i applied the mirror-modifier i could paint as usual.

Had this too with some earlier build. Try to download one of the latest. For me it worked it out.

PS I got this problem on a object with Decimate modifier applied to it.

I had this problem until I increased the weight value under the brush options. Then it painted as normal. Hope this helps!