Weight Painting Blues

I’ve been chasing my tail on this freakin’ hippo for what seems like a lifetime.
Now, I’ve got a reasonably good looking beast, but there is something screwy about it, because when I go to weight paint it so I can get the little hand flippers to open and close, and the mouth to open and close without pulling the tusks into outer space, well…I can’t figure out what’s going on. And, when I try to weight paint to correct things, the brush has no effect on the mesh. Is there some setting that I have wrong that keeps the brush from working?

I’ve attached the mesh. Please take a look if you think you can help!
I’d appreciate it.

Here is a link to the file you can download. Its zipped.



It helps to parent it correctly in the first place, select mesh than armature, CTRL-p >Armature >Createfrom Bone Heat. Also your normals were screwed up, select all> CTRL-n in edit mode. Happy Blending!

I must have some basic setting wrong. I followed your instructions on the parenting. Fixed the normals.
But weight painting just ain’t happening.
I select the armature, then select the mesh, then select weight painting from the menu.
Then I LClick on a bone and see what it is affecting. Then paint by LClick Dragging on the mesh.

I’ve tried it with other combinations of Rclick, Cntrl Click, Shift click, etc. etc. Nothing works.

Were you able to weight paint on the blend file I sent in the prev. post?

Whoah, I never tried! And I can’t either! I don’t know why this is, I will investigate more.

Okay, there is something screwy going on with your .blend. I still don’t know what the issue is, it could be bad modeling practises. Though I can’t exactly say what is bad about it. Just as a test I parented your armature to a new quick mesh I made and it paints fine.


hippo.blend (297 KB)

Well, I started by extruding a cube. Started out mirroring, but after after I made it “real”, I made some additional revisions so its no longer a mirror.
Strange things have happened along the way. Like some surfaces that wouldn’t take a texture map until I deleted the face and redrew it (this was on the chest, and along the right lower jaw.)
I added the little “hands” just recently by extruding. Now, all surfaces take a UV map just fine, and it actually deforms OK. Except the teeth seem to be linked to the hands somehow.

Maybe I should just start over…
Obviously , I need the practice.


I just stumbled on this thread, thought I would take a look at your file…

In the first file, if you disable the ‘bevel’ modifier for the 3D view, weight painting will work. Interesting to know :slight_smile: