Weight Painting Blur Brush limited to individual mesh objects?

Heya all,

I recently updated from version 2.75 to Blender 2.78. With this update, the blur weight paint brush is now acting differently, and I cannot figure out how to change it to it’s old behavior (or if this is even possible). I tested all Weight Paint Options but none helped the issue:

I have a chain consisting of individual links that runs along the body. The chain was made with an array so it consist of individual links hooked into one another at 90° angle. The meshes are joined but each link is individual and not merged to one another.

WHAT I AM LOOKING TO DO: I used to be able to smooth the weights with blur, just by pulling the brush from weighted to unweighted (or vice versa) depending on how I needed it to blur. When doing that, the weights applied evenly across all chain links and smoothed out unwanted spikes as well as evened it out into a balanced motion when animating.

WHAT 2.78 DOES: The blur brush does no longer spread the weights from link to link in the chain, it will only blur the weights within each individual mesh. This means that I need to paint each chain link individual and to get it smooth and moving well, the time to get there increased way out of proportion to what it’s worth.

Am I missing anything? I assume it’s a setting, maybe, that I need to enable/disable to toggle between the old and new behavior?

I heard rumor that the weight brush changed with update 2.78 but I couldnt find any information on this. Any information, help and pointers in the right direction would be highly appreciated! My appologies if my question is a dublicate from another treat.

Thanks in advance for your help!

same proplem here