Weight Painting - Brushes and modes

Hi there,

I’ve testing skinning and rigging in Blender for a couple of days now.

  1. Painting brush feels quite good, however is it possible to reverse it’s effect a la ZBrush/Mudbox?
  • Seems like number keys are assigned to different brush presets, but most useful weight brushes are wide and far apart: 1 and 2 are add and blur, but subtract is mapped to 8

  • I can change blend mode of first three keys maybe(?) but something like Alt + mouse click to subtract / reverse the effect of brush would be nice

  1. Weight color coding
  • New manual mentions this, but is there an option to make this black-to-white ramp for example? Sometimes it’s easier to read weighting when values are shown clearly in one color

I’ll test weight painting more, but any tips are welcome!