Weight painting but no color change

Hi, I am doing weight painting for the 1st time, following a youtube tutorial. My settings seem to all be the same as the ones in the tutorial, but when I select the upper arm bone and try to paint the yellow part of the head, there is no color change at all. But for some reason I can paint the arm itself blue (which of course I don’t want).

I’m using a mix brush weight at 0 and strength at 1, but no effect on the head. Can anyone tell me why?


Minecraft Guy.blend (484 KB)

You have pressure sensitivity enabled for strength? Try to disable it?

No, with or without pressure sensitivity enabled there is no color change.

right click to select the head cube first. Then it should permit the action.

Thanks. I just figured it out. The bottom of the face of the head was yellow, and I was painting on the front face, so there was no effect. I can’t believe it took me that long to figure that out, heh.

That’s a good tip, though, using the mask will be a big help.