Weight painting: can't paint a portion of a mesh. Why?

Weight painting:
For some reason, I can’t paint the tips of the ‘fingers’, which OF COURSE is exactly where I want to paint. Why might that be?

Obviously, I CAN paint the base, but that’s not what I want or need to do.

Are the normals pointing consistently outside?

Wie so:

SpinnerMorpher_210111a_5.blend (1.7 MB)

Looks like you need more geometry. If you loopcut those fingers it works.

I dont know if thats the correct thing to to in this case though.

Thanks for looking. In addition:

Just found one possible issue: when I REbuilt this and used Array, it may have Merged Points in a Bad Way, mucking up the geometry again.

Possibly these merged points are making the weight painting glitch.

Well, yeah, there are a bunch of non-manifold edges, but the painting problem itself is just a display one. The material preview interferes with weight colors. Switch to Solid shading and something like Object or Single color :slight_smile: