Weight Painting error

Everytime I stroke, it doesnt turn red like it doesnt work. Can someone give me solution for this? i check every setting but it wont work. When someone repairded my computer, thats the time it didnt work anymore. Did the repairman did something or what?

any help at all?

What exactly is the problem? Does weight painting actually work for you (does it add vertices to vertex groups)? If it works but doesn’t display the changes it might be a graphics driver issue try updating them.
As always, you should post support questions in the support forum.

as in it doesnt work anymore. I stroke the brush but it wont turn red and nothing happens.

any helps at all?

Yo should put a post a blend file at least, your post simply says, “it dosen’t work, help!” that isn’t the way that you will get help, give more information man!

The problem is not on the blendfile its on Blender 4.9. On my Blender, the weight painting doesnt work anymore but on other version of Blender works.