Weight painting errors

Well, I started assigning weights for my vertices so the armature moves it. This has worked fine in some areas, but I’m getting errors in other areas. For some reason in object mode the collarbone area is sticking out like a shelf, even though there weren’t even any vertices assigned to it. Another problem is the hand, when I put the armature together I kept selecting the bones and doing ctr+n to align the rotation. When I assign vertices to the hand, it is fine, when I assign any to the thumb or fingers, when I go to object mode afterwards the finger/thumb has rotated (along the length, so the knuckles are on the wrong side). Rotating the finger bones fixes this, but I don’t even know why it does it in the first place.

Any help please? :slight_smile:

Edit: Seem to have fixed the collarbone (accidentally had some vertices assigned to the wrong bone).

try applying size and rotation to everything before you start parenting stuff to each other. Otherwise you’ll probably get some unexpected results. CTRL-A is the hotkey.

I believe that is the cause of the problem.

I just had a go trying what you say, it made the result a little different, but the finger was still twisted around a lot :frowning: