Weight painting fine, but still exploding poly..WHY?

Hi,everyone, I am making an oblivion mod with animated wings. I got mostly everything working now, however there is a strange poly exploding on both wings. In game there is only one wing having problem, but in blender I see both having problem. Rechecked many times, all vertices are painted, but problem still remains.


The blender file is here:

Can anyone have a look at it, and tell me why? Thank you.

You can select that vert in Edit mode, press N and see which Vertex Group it’s assigned to.


no luck, in edit mode, the meshes back to normal, and I can’t find that vert anymore… no matter how I rot/move the meshe, that face just don’t show, it only shows when I rot the bone.

Can someone download my blend file and have a close look at it? I wouldn’t ask for help if I didn’t try everything I can think of.

Thank you

Shift - left click in weight paint mode on the vertex. You will see that you have a clavicle vertex group assigned to it.

Select the clavicle group from the list and paint the value to zero and all will be well.


It Works!!

I love you!