Weight painting for mechanical parts

What is the best way to weight paint part of a machine you are not going to want to blend. i.e. if you we going to weight paint a robot arm and you wanted to set the weight to 1 solid piece and only have 1 bone affect one part. What would be the best way to do that?

I found an example with this http://www.esnips.com/doc/d20717e9-3258-4893-be1a-c4e9821286fd/Chain-Hoist

Chain host rig. You will notice each bone only affects 1 part in the chain. How do you paint the different parts so other links don’t get painted as well.

No weight paint, use Vertex groups.

Select all the verticies of each object in edit mode and assign a vertex group to them at a weight value of 1.
Name the vertex group the same as the bone that will control it.

See example.


groups.blend (151 KB)

If there’s no deformation at all, then you can also use bone parenting. Select the object, select the armature in pose mode, select the bone, and Ctrl-P.

I followed this and made sure to Ctrl A and Alt R but my eye is reversing direction. Attached is the .blend and here is the image:

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know how you got this, but here’s the fix…

Select the left eyeball
Rotate “z” 180
Ctrl “A” “rotation and scale to oject data”

That worked!! but it is clear I am still doing something wrong with the eye it’s self. As you can see from the 2nd attempt the right eye. I followed the same steps and the same thing happened. Only this time the right eye jumped to the same position of the first eye that I duplicated and pointed to the back side of the eye. I have used Ctrl A to set object and rotation. I have used Alt R to clear rotation. and their is something about U that I did to try and clear any other info that was copied over. So far nothing seems to help. In the below picture you will see I moved the object over so you can see the move. Does anyone know what I am doing here? It is driving me nuts!


When I click on your link to the .blend I get taken to a site with several different blends to download. Which one should I look at?

Sorry about that. I changed the link and added the .blend here as well. This should work

I have re-built a single eye from Scratch and everything seems to work. I am still looking for help on the above file because I am trying to figure out the in’s and outs of blender and really know this program. It is frustrating to have built something and have the objects jump all over the place for no reason I can understand when parenting Bones at a later time. Any help would be great. Thanks again.

I will post the new eye if anyone is interested. but there is nothing really that great so far:)