Weight painting gloves gives different results on both hands

Okay, I’ve got two gloves I want to rig, one of each hand. They are both entirely the same, one is just mirrored to fit the other hand and is its own object. When I try to use the automatic weights, one side comes out completely fine and works well with the main model, the other however is entirely different and I don’t know why.

Thinking maybe I should try to use the data transfer modifier, but I don’t know how it works and what I have tried hasn’t worked (There aren’t any tutorials that I can find that solve my problem).

Is there a way to fix this?

(Bones are the same on both sides and have .L / .R in their names including IK bones. Bones on the left seem to work better than on the right.)

This sounds like your problem- when you say “mirrored to fit the other hand”, do you mean you made a mirror modifier and applied it on the first glove, then separated by loose parts? If so, did you then apply all transforms on the new glove? And more importantly- did the first glove have vertex groups or weight before you separated them? Because if so, your second glove also has those vertex groups and weights. You’ll probably want to remove all the vertex groups from your second group and reparent it to the armature

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What I did was duplicated the Left glove and mirrored it on the X axes. But I didn’t think to try applying transform to the duplicated glove.

I’ve Applied the tranceform and used Automatic weights again now it works fine! Thanks!

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