Weight painting has no effect on mesh

I want to fine-tune how the thigh bone of my character affects the crotch area: right now, the entire crotch area moves with the leg when it rotates outward. I tried to eliminate all the weight in the crotch area connected to the tight bone:

But the problem persists:

No matter how thorough I’m painting, the crotch is still affected by the leg bone. I also tried to correct the left leg affecting some of the right leg, but no luck.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Try turning Auto Normalize off and paint again

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Make sure you have symmetry on, otherwise it won’t be able to paint weights in both sides on X axis only, and make sure the name of the vertex group name has the proper .R or .L suffix…

And is also mandatory to have a symmetrical model as well for that, but of course you can have asymmetrical areas but them you would have to paint them manually each side…

Probably you have some small weights left, are you using the right brush to remove weights?

Always use subtract brush and not mix or add to remove weights

Also if you have a pelvis bone that’s the one that has to have the weights on the crotch area, this is used as a weight support bone only hence it doesn’t have a controller in a rigify armature for example (but it looks like you using a custom rig or is it rigify?..

Don’t enable auto normalize sometimes it fucks up the rest of the vertex weights, only use that manually from the menu option when you need it…

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Thanks so much for your suggestions; you helped me find the solution! You mentioned the pelvis bone is used as a weight support bone. I don’t have this bone, but you gave me the idea to check ALL the bones and see if any of them are connected to the crotch > and YES! a lower leg bone was the culprit.

I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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Auto normalize was off but found a different bone that was connected to the crotch (when it shouldn’t have been), so was able to find a solution. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yup glad it helped, also the last spine bone can replace that, but is usually used that pelvis bone instead…

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