Weight painting has stopped working (or I am doing something stupid)

Hello all, I have this strange problem:

I have connected the bones to the mesh (Ctrl+P, then automatic weights).

Now I want to weight paint it.

I select the mesh.

Then select weight paint. The mesh becomes blue.

But then as soon as I try to select a bone, it goes to “Pose mode” (=> I cant weight paint anymore).
Then if I revert to weight paint again, the bone is still selected, however the mesh appears all blue (shouldn’t,
because the bone works), and it is non-paintable.

This is frustrating. I have done this before on another little project without problems.
Whats going on ?

I thank you in advance


Select the armature, go into pose mode. Shift select the mesh and go into weight paint mode. For the armature, if you have selected X-Ray in its display settings you can easily select each bone and the object weights will show for that selected bone.

Thanks Richard,
I followed your suggested sequence and still the same thing happens. Everything appears blue.
Now I can change the color by adding (drawing) stuff.

But still it does not show what it has already (automatically) assigned. So it is very hard to
correct (subtract) the deformations I do not want, because they do not appear.

Don’t know, maybe the mesh is “meshed up” lol.