Weight painting help needed

So I am having a bit of difficulty with weight painting and an IK armature. I’m trying to animate an aortic heart valve opening and I can get it right with shape keys no problem, but there are other manipulations that I need to do to it after animating the base mesh and I cannot apply solidify and subsurface with shape keys applied. So this image is what the armature is doing to the base mesh and a pic of the weight paint. For whatever reason, the vertices that are set at .1 in weight paint are still moving WAY too much. Is there something essential that I am missing here? Thanks for any help in advance.

You can use solidify and subsurf with shapekeys applied. So don’t apply it. (Modifiers, in general, aren’t for applying. Applying is sometimes useful, but the main point of modifiers is to not apply them.)

Alternatively, you can apply, it just takes more work. (Make copies of your mesh with different shapekeys, alt-c curve to mesh, then join as shapes from shapekeys specials. This is so basic, so brainless, so automatable, just leg work, that I personally find it super irritating that Blender doesn’t just do it for us. There used to be an addon that did this for you, “shapekey helpers”-- if you want, it’s easily scriptable.)

Regarding your armature, first thing to check is that the verts are actually weighted to another bone. Weights are autonormalized, so if your verts are only weighted to a single bone, it doesn’t matter what their weights are. If they’re weighted to a single bone, their effective weights are 1, no matter what Blender says.

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Ahhh. Yeah the weights are all on a single bone.
Thank you for your thoughtful and well written response! I’ll try to find the shape keys “special” options :slight_smile:

Triangle next to the shapekeys list in properties/object data.

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Thank you :slight_smile: