Weight painting help

I’m having trouble painting my character.

Theres this little patch between the legs that I cant paint because I suppose my mesh is “too simple”. If I paint it the vertices of one leg start to become influenced by the bone of the other, and vice versa.

I’ve attached the blend file and would be grateful if anyone could tell me how to correct this situation :eyebrowlift:


Assignment02.blend (459 KB)

Use Alt + B and make a box around a certain view. It will block off that area and no other area will be effected

Thanks but it didn’t work :frowning:

Ok I see what your talking about. Goto the top view - then under the editing menu (F9) and in the paint tab at the very bottom you’ll see X-mirror. This enables you to paint one side, and apply to the other side as well. Push that and select a bone on the leg and paint the tip of that mesh sticking out. That should help you some.