Weight Painting Help?

I have been trying to weight paint a new rig I have made to remove the errors made by the automatic weight painting tool. However, whenever I edit the weight painting it works fine until I save the project and exit Blender. Then when I re-open the file, the weight painting changes to something random that was neither the originally assigned weight painting or my edited one. :mad:

The weight painting also appears to be different every time I open the file, and no matter what I do I can’t get Blender to properly save my edits. Is there anything I am missing? And help would be much appreciated!

sounds wierd. the weight paint info should be stored in your vertex groups. maybe you have something that affects your vertex order.
do u have other modifiers applied expect for the armature modifier?

Nope, just the armature modifier.

Two things you could try:

  1. post up the .blend so someone can take a look at it… But i’ve never seen a problem like this. So it would be interesting to see…

  2. open a new blender session and append in the mesh & armature objects. When you append, look inside the ‘objects’ folder and grab the mesh & armature from there. Few weeks back, someone gave me a .blend that wouldn’t auto-weight - spent 1 1/2 hours and couldn’t weight paint it at all. Finally I tried appending in the mesh & armature objects to a new file, auto weighting still didn’t work, but I could weight paint it. It’s very, very rare, but sometimes .blend become corrupted.