Weight painting in 2.8


(Riptyde) #1

I’ve been trying to weight paint my character in 2.8 but can’t find a solution to selecting vertex groups by selecting bones.

I know you can shift select for different vertex group, but I want to be able to select bones which then highlights the vertex group.

I did find another post indicating that “lock object modes” needs to be unchecked - It is.

I also found a short video saying you need to first select the armature, then the mesh, then enter weight paint mode, but I am still not able to select different vertex groups by bones.

Anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?

(zeauro) #2

It allows to have armature in pose mode and mesh in weight paint mode at same time.
But by default, left click is for painting. You can’t left click to choose another active bone.
So, you have to use Ctrl + Left click in that situation to change active bone.