Weight painting is not working

Hi all.

I have weight-painted my whole model, but joint movements are still rigid, like the image below. All vertices are attached, and joints are painted light blue or green. Maybe someone can shed some light about this problem. thanks in advance!



This thread may offer some help.


thanks a lot! maybe that will solve the problem. But then I am confused cause none of the tutorials I have seen mention that small, but extremeley important detail. I didn’t see that in the Otto website or From Noob to Pro, or anywhere else. I wonder if there are different ways to parent mesh to armature and weight painting that don’t require the assignment of vertices to 2 different bones.

thanks again!

http://otothecleaner.free.fr/tutorials/Toon/toon5/StellaToon5.html << like this tutorial for example. Check the last part at the bottom of the page.


That tutorial hints at the need for a vertex to be in more than 1 group, but doesn’t really explain why or how the weight painting works with respect to weights. As I said in the post that I linked to, I found the info somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t find it again.