Weight Painting Issues

Despite my best efforts, I am unable to solve a weight painting issue that has held me back for some time now.
I am still new to blender and so am unsure as of how to continue and so any help at all is highly appreciated

My issue is that after automatically assigning weights with a custom rig, I am unable to remove any weight with the ‘Subtract’ weight tool. I have tried many weights and strengths with this tool and yet am unable to remove influence from a bone.

As stated above, any suggestions and help is highly appreciated. Source files and images can be provided if need be.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

locate the vertex group for the bone that is causing trouble, select it ( click ‘select’ ), and then click ‘remove’. ( I can be more specific if you didn’t understand that. )
(edit) I should probably check that to make sure I am not telling you the wrong thing…it’s been awhile since I have rigged anything. meanwhile, don’t assume my advice is sound. :slight_smile: