Weight painting messes up verticies?

I’m trying to weight paint a wolf i rigged correctly so that i can pose it to use in a game called SecondLife, but whenever I weight paint on the mesh the verticies move around and mess up on me or deform really bad, is there any way i can fix this? I had parented the bones with automatic weights but now when i try to take away some of the weights this happens :no:

Edit: I am using version 2.58 if this makes a difference

I’m attaching an image to show the problem i’ve been having
(the model is standing up like this so i can skin it to a game rig and pose it from there, but this is happening whenever i try to weight paint on the mesh…

please post this in the help forum.

While in weight paint mode, select the different bones. For one of them you need paint weight on the vertices left behind. I’m guessing a bone in the chest

Hold shift and click on the problem area and a popup menu will show up telling you all the vertex groups assigned to that spot. From there it’s usually easy to determine what the problematic ones are.