Weight Painting on back side

Hi all,
Is there a way while weight painting a mesh the back side of the mesh paint also instead of having to rotate the 3d view to paint the other side ?

nop… this feature was removed afaik.

you can always use alt-b to draw limit and cut your mesh in half to see the hiden vert though.

Not sure if I understand what either of you are asking or telling. You can weight paint on the inside or outside of a mesh. And sometimes it’s handy :-?

In 2.40 you can activate X-Mirror in weight paint mode. As the name implies, this will mirror weights along the object’s local X axis, and only as you paint them. Handy if you plan your mesh carefully.

I think there are some threads here about scripts that mirror weights after painting. Try searching mirror AND weight AND paint. Good luck!

Thank all of you for replying,I got it, it was the x- mirror option.