weight painting painfully slow

i am weight painting a charector with 99,277 faces and it is really slow. does this sound reasonable with a 64-bit vista with 2.4ghz 4gb memory and a 512mb dedicated NVIDIA graphics card, nothing else is running and vista’s Aero transperancy is on. if this sounds slow, what could the problem be?

i unchecked enable modifier during interactive display and that helps to speed up the painting itself but the menus are still slow and the screen flashes to a view with messed up colors, especially if i drag the mouse off the 3d viewport and on to the buttons window. does this sound familiar to anyone?

It being slow sounds about right. The strange i’m guessing are black and red? If so this happened to me. Just go in program files, and find the blender file. (the .exe, not .blend!) right click and click properties, then compatability, and change the compatability to windows XP service pack 2. Should work.

i tried to change the compatability but the option is greyed out. i am using a limited user account and blender is in the appdata folder of my limited user account folder. should i put the blender folder back into program files folder? if i put it into program files, do i put it into programfilesx86 or into the regular program files folder. the x86 folder is for non-64bit applications right? and i got the 64bit version of blender.

Slow menus sound like graphic card driver issues.
In the past ATI drivers were known to have bad OpenGL support, resulting in slow menus and display errors.
Solutions then were disable anti aliased fonts , switch color depth , copy a specific
DLL and other voodoo.
So on vista first try would be to turn off aero.

You are running into memory issues. That is what is causing all of your problems. You can either upgrade your system memory, or break your model into more layers, hide the ones you aren’t using, and even consider breaking into separate blend files.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, you will need to update your memory. You are putting quite a strain on your hard drive since it is out of memory, and it is causing everything to slow down.

(I know you said your have 4GB of memory, btw, which is a lot of memory. The problem is everything that is running, and the processing that needs to happen for each vertex you are painting.)

ill try disableing aero, i tried it before and didnt really notice a difference, but i didnt try weight painting though. so should i select half of the mesh’s vertices and hiding them before weightpainting or alt+b. also i never tried the cookie cut from view script, should i try that? you dont think it is because of blender’s folder location? thanks again for all the help.

well, i may have figured it out. i put blenders folder in the program files folder, since the version of blender is one of those “standalone” run from any location version. i dont think that had to do with it though, what i think it was is that i had the Envelopes button ticked in the armature modifier box on the mesh, i dont know much about envelopes(something to brush up on i guess) but that seemed to do it. it is no longer flashing to the goofy colors, not sure how i fixed that though. there is barely any lag anywhere now on that .blend file. thanks everyone for the help anyways. if you know what was causing all of this i would still like to hear it, i thought it was incompatability with vista, and i still couldnt change the compatability for blender, still greyed out, now that i think of it, i might have a vista service disabled that might be the cause of the problem of not being able to select that option.