Weight Painting Problem (2.63) - paint cursor hangs/sticks...slow processing (?)

Hi there –

I’m trying to Weight Paint on a mesh model I have rigged to an armature, but whenever I enter Weight Paint mode and try to paint on the mesh – as soon as the brush cursor touches the mesh – it sticks, like it can’t paint on the surface – and then most times the spinning processing wheel will appear briefly. But I’m never able to actually weight paint on the mesh.

it seems like a processing issue – like there’s some conflict that’s preventing the weight paint from being processed.

Has anyone encountered this – know what may be causing it?

Thanks very much!


check you can weight-paint without such problems using the default blender-cube and attach a simple 2,3,4 bone armature to it. You may extrude the cube a bit to have some more vertex-loops to paint those to the bones.

If this simple setup works - then check your problem-setup. There may be some modifiers active … some display-options may influence the performace of the 3d-view update … etc. pp.

But first check the simple setup works and you dont have some other limitations.
Then … you may post the mesh-properties (no. of vertices, edges, faces) and disable any modifiers (except the armature-modifier).

And last, you should check what addons are active - it could be there is some not wanted activity from such an addon – disable any not used addon (nearly every one … cause i dont know of any addon needed for weight-painting).