Weight Painting Problem with weights

I don’t usually weight paint, but i was painting on a character i made and when i moved the armature the vertices weren’t moving correctly, the moved but they didn’t match the armature the weight was on 1 and they still moved less then it Can anyone help? thanks

It could be all kinds of things.

Final movement though is the average deformation of ALL bones that have weights painted onto a

If you have a vertex that has a weight of 1.0 on bone ‘A’ and has a weight of (say) 0.5 on bone ‘B’,
then you only move ‘A’, you will get only (about) 2/3rds of the movement you expect.

Well I’ll paint a bone with everything having a weight of one, and it’ll leave some vertices behind, I tried this on a basic cube mesh and it did the same thing

Well I just deleted all my vertex groups and painted it again and it seems to be working fine, sorry to bother you I think that i had some groups that i didn’t delete that had a weight of zero

It’s usually a good idea to check the Auto Normalize button when weight painting. It removes weights from other groups when you add to the one you’re working on.