Weight Painting Problem

Hi every one
I started rigging my alien character finally.
But i ran into a problem when i go into the weight painting mode i try 2 select the armature with RMB but it just selects the whole armature and not a single bone.
I need it to select just one bone so i could assign the vertices to it.
I have added a Armature Modifier to the mesh but it still selects the whole armature.:mad:

Heres a video of my problem

Hi… I am new to this, but I think you have to select the bone you want to weight paint in pose mode and then click on the mesh and turn weight paint mode on. You should then be able to switch the bones and draw.

Hope this works…cause it’s late (or better early) here.

Hi IIIstrikes,

Select your armature and enter pose mode (CTRL+TAB). I think that might be your problem. :wink: