weight painting problem

Hi! I try to weight painting a character. my problem is most of the vertex are control by more than one bones. For example, a mesh parent to bone1 and bone2. If a vertex controlled by bone1 and bone2 both 0.5. And I weight paint the vertex on bone1 weight 0.7. How to make that vertex automaticly control by bone2 weight 0.3?

Because seems like blender allow both bones weight over 0.5 weight on a vertex, but that makes the mesh mess up when rotating bone1 or bone2.

In the Weight Painting toolbox is a checkbox (top of the pane) labeled “Auto Normalize.” When enabled this options automatically shifts existing weights to account for those being painted, so the sum total of more than one weight on a bone is always equal to 1.0.

Blender will effectively normalize the weights on a vertex proportionally at animation runtime, but does not change the applied weights the way the Auto Normalize option does while painting. There are times when this can be useful, though not as often as true normalization.

If things get unbalanced there is also a button to Normalize the weights on an entire vertex group, or on the entire model, at once.

Thank you!! That’s extremely helpful.:smiley: