weight painting question

Does anyone know why when I select a bone to weight pain, the bon apears not to have any influence on it, but as soon as I start to paint, for exe, an arm, and all the sudden I am painting influence on both the arm and lets say the leg bones.
aand it gets worse, every bone I paint efects the next bone it seems.
Hlep please!!!

I don’t think that you paint the bones, I think that you paint vertex groups on the mesh, maybe I’m not understanding correctly?:confused:

I mean when I paint the influence the bone will have on the mesh
When I wnat to paint the influence I select a bone and start to paint the mesh and then the blue mesh lights up with the different weights of the other bones that I have already painted, so it is like I am panting all the bones all the time,
I hope this is sounding logical, casue I dont know how to discribe it really.

in the Link and Materials panel in the editing buttons (F9), are there more than one vertex group, and if so, do they change when you change your bone?


I have started over, so I dont have any vertex groups anymore,
but thanks for you help, do you have a theroy about what is happening, I seem to remember this happening in the past.

well, the reason I asked if the vertex groups were changing is because I thought that you might be painting onto the same group, so all the bones are affecting the same areas

post the blend, and we can look at the kink in the cable.

Thanks folks, I have started anew so I will see if the problem recreates its self on the new armature, if so I will let you know.
Has anyone ever experinced this for themselves?
It would be nice to know in the future what to do about this problem.
Thanks again

I have experimented a similar problem. But it happened to me after re-editing the geometry of a mesh that was already weight painted.

I sterted painting one bone’s influece (let´s say the UPPERARM), and suddenly I realized that that bone adopted the weight of the leg bone too!! So I had to ´´unpaint´´ the leg influence from the UPPERARM bone. But this did not affect the original LEG bone’s influence.

Weird problem, but I think that in my case it was due to post weight painting heavy mesh editing. It’s still a bug, but it has a reason to be, don’t know about your problem Salvadore.

I think the problem for me was I had boes on hidden bone layers. but when I had all the bones visable, the weight painting worked fine