weight painting question

look at the image you can see the bones are moved but the mesh (circled in red) is still not that close to bones. The mesh by the way is painted red (full strength )



Does it also have weights assigned to other bones?

No, that is just a fish fin those two bones control that fin alone, it’s a problem i have had with other fish that needs to be resolved… I added a blend on a fish i was working on. On several of my fish the weight painting works as it should. can’t figure out why this and a few others are giving me problems On the blend below the bones are parented where they should be and i re-weight painted, but still no luck



fins.blend (172 KB)

I’m having the same issue (I think), and have been for quite some time now. I haven’t found anyone else who had the same problem up until now, so I hope this gets resolved :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an example of the issue on a cartoonish sea turtle I modeled and am now trying to rig (if this isn’t the same problem, sorry for cluttering your thread, digiman). Notice how I rotated the bone counter-clockwise, and the mesh isn’t following completely, even though it’s painted red (full weight).


Is this what you are after ?


fins_Adjust.blend (58.9 KB)

You should name your bones unique names so that you have an easier time trouble shooting.
I can see you have a lot a bones assigned to the vertices in the fins. I think you just need to remove the influences from the other bones.
I didn’t try it myself though. Looks like it would take more than 5 minutes, which I don’t currently have.

I’ve noticed that blender doesn’t work in the same way that other 3d apps might.
I believe that, back in the day when I worked with 3dsmax, if a bone had 100% influence assigned to the weights of a group of vertices, then it made the influence of the other bones 0%.
However it looks like blender works in a different way ( and a better one in my opinion ) where 1 or more bones can have 100% percent influence on a vertice.
If you only want a bone to affect a group of vertices only, you have to remove the influence that the other bones have.’

I could be wrong though. But so far it works for me.

If the armature was not placed at the center of the Scene then it will be difficult for bones to align with the mesh

in object mode b4 you place a bone in the Scene hit Ctrl+C