Weight Painting Questions/Discussion

I am fairly new to Blender, and am using Blender 2.5. Does anyone know if Blender can limit the intensity of the weight painting so that no matter what (how many times the brush has ‘painted’ the mesh, or how large/strong the brush is) it will only increment the weight by a certain amount? For example, if I had a light blue section of a mesh, and I weight paint it with this imaginary (or so I think) setting, the mesh would only be incremented by a certain amount, no matter how many times I repaint it? Alternatively, is there a brush that can be used to raise the weight to only a certain amount? For example, if I used this setting, I could paint everything to a yellowish weight, but no heavier. Is any of this possible within Blender 2.5? Are there any scripts that will do this? Thanks!

(If what I’m saying is bewildering and moronic, don’t hesitate to tell me… hopefully I have the brains to rephrase it properly).

Use the “Add” Brush instead of “Mix” Brush. :slight_smile: