Weight painting snaps between 1 and 0


I have modeled a head and Im trying to rig the jaw. But I have a problem when I paint the weights.

It seems like the verts get full effect as soon as their weight is anything other than zero. If I paint a vertex with a weight of 0.001, it moves just as much as if I had given it a weight of 1. :frowning:

Any help is appreciated.


you might not be painting the correct vertex group (or it has wrong name)

or your armature might be set to move with envelopes as well as vertex groups

Weight painting values are relative only when more then one bone is assigned to the same set of vertices . So for example, in your situation if you only have all the vertices on the jaw assigned only to one bone the weight value can be 1.0 or 0.001, but it will behave as though it is 1.0 even though the weight is 0.001 because no other bone has any influence on the same set of vertices .

If you want the weight values to behave relatively you should assign the jaw vertices to a second bone (like a “head” bone which is the parent/higher in the armature hierarchy to the jaw bone), then the weight values will behave relatively as expected .

I get it, thanks!