Weight painting still doesn't seem to work right in OS X

I’m trying to use the weight painting feature again but it’s not working as I would expect. When I do vertex painting, the paint tool works as I would expect. If you click subtract, the colour subtracts; add, the colour adds and so on. However, the weight painting just mixes, no matter what option you choose.

Also, if I make the paint colour green, it just paints completely red - again irrespective of whether I choose add, subtract etc. I am able to get it to paint green by lowering the opacity but I shouldn’t have to do that as I don’t with vertex painting. Why don’t the add, mix, subtract buttons work for weight painting?

Another thing is about the colouring. Here is a picture:


Now I know that here this is because those particular vertices are in another vertex group too and Blender is averaging them out but it makes the vertex weight paints meaningless because you can only see the weights on one bone at a time. Blender should automatically colour the vertices the weight they are in relation to the selected bone. In this case it should have been green instead of red to indicate 50% weight on the bone moved and 50% weight in the other group.

Is the weight painting supposed to work that way maybe? It doesn’t really make sense to me why the weight painting and vertex painting don’t operate the same way. I have a feeling I’ve posted about this before but I guess I just expected I would get used to it somehow.

The only feasible method I can see is the manual way by selecting vertices and assigning vertices with a given weight.

The reason I mentioned the colouring issue is because some vertices accidentally get put into other vertex groups but there doesn’t seem to be a way to know which groups vertices belong to. Imagine I have 100 bones in my model and something happens like the picture above. The vertices in question could be weighted with any of the other 99 bones. Surely I don’t have to go through every bone manually to see what bones are influencing which vertices.

Isn’t there a way that I can do something like selecting a vertex, pressing N and seeing which bones are influencing it i.e see which groups a particular vertex belongs to and what percentage influence they have and also be able to change them from there?

Is there at least a way I can do vertex painting and then use the painted vertices as the weight paints?

I had the same problem, only it was on WinXP. And no, it’s not a bug.

All you have to do is adjust the weight instead of the colors. The weight is included in the Link and Materials panel.

weight: 0 = no weight
weight: 1 = full weight

Thanks Wiggie, I’ve been doing that. I just don’t understand why the developers don’t use the same code as the vertex painting. I think I asked a while ago and I figured I would just take a while to get used to it. I’m glad (so to speak) to hear other people are having problems with it.

I don’t mind the painting so much as the colours not being correct. Simple solution is to be able to list vertices and their corresponding weight to each bone. That’s how it’s done in Maya if I recall. I might just use Maya to do my animation because there are a few other things that I can’t get to work properly. Blender’s still better for modelling though.