weight painting trouble

Hello everyone, I have been working on this dwarf model for a while now and got to the point where I wanted to rig it. I decided that it would be unwise just to go with the default skinning settings since it is a fairly complex character with clothes and muscles and such but i have been trouble getting things to deform how i want them to mainly the hip and the shoulder, if anyone would be so kind as to look at my rig and modify it or tell me how it would be greatly appreciated, I am rather reluctant to let my first half decent looking character sit around and gather dust just because I couldn’t figure out how to rig him.


dwarfrig.blend (968 KB)

Sorry for the late reply, meant to get back to this sooner, but I’ve been busy. I looked at your .blend file and basically, everything is working correctly. I only looked at the shoulder, but the mesh weight painted to the upper arm is moving as it should. The problem is the pivot point for the upper arm. From what I remember when I looked at your file, the pivot point needs to be moved up and over towards the center of the mesh a bit more. When you move this, you also need to take some weight paint away from the upper body and add it to the upper arm…

Sorry I don’t have time to get into this more right now, I’m leaving for a few days, try it, and I’ll check when I get back home.


Wow, I’ve never seen a rig like that before. Is there a tutorial how to make a rig like this? I don’t quite understand how it works.